Geely Cars: Gotta Get One?

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I mentioned in a related article that the first batch of Chinese built cars to be imported to the U.S. is only a few years away. In that article, I discussed Chery Automobiles and how the company has its designs on the American market, particularly in the entry level category. Well, now a second manufacturer – Geely Automotive Company – is also planning on bringing at least one model to the U.S. by 2008. Changes are in the wind, but lest you think that Detroit is the only one quivering don’t be fooled: Japan’s automakers and Korea’s automakers all must take notice of what is about to happen.

For certain, the U.S. automobile market is the most lucrative one in the world. It is also the largest with more than 17 million new vehicles sold annually. All automakers know that if you have a piece of the American market, you have a piece of big profits as long as what you are selling is what consumers want [Ford and GM, take notice].

The Chinese automakers sense that Americans want low cost vehicles. With Korean cars improving sharply in quality and with their prices remaining very low there is room for more cars in the sub $20,000 category. As it stands now, both Geely and Chery have several models that fit the bill including a few that will likely retail for well under $10K! Chalk it up to extremely low wages and cheap components, even much lower than what Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda can produce at that.

Quality is certain to be another thing, but if the Chinese automakers emulate Hyundai – originally known for selling cheaply built and cheaply made cars when first imported to the US in 1986 – this will only be a temporary phenomenon.

Of course, getting each Chinese model to pass stringent U.S. safety and pollution control requirements will take time…and money. Still, should Geely and Chery overcome these obstacles American streets may be filled with cars bearing several Chinese name plates.

The U.S. automotive industry is taking notice even as the Detroit auto show features its first Chinese built cars. For all automakers, the new makes are worth taking notice and for consumers each model will have to pass scrutiny and compare favorably with other budget brands.

Just What Are Thee Flexi-fuel Logos I Am Seeing On Brand New Cars

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You may have well noticed logos on new cars and trucks of “Flexifuel” or “Flexi-fuel”. You may have well wondered what this innovation is. Is something to increase fuel efficiency? Is it a means of being able to use regular gasoline instead of high premium test? The automobile industry has a well deserved record of relaunching and repackaging old products as new and simply applying chrome and simple modifications to previous models and technologies and selling them as new products and innovations.

Flexifuel is new. A Flexifuel vehicle is a flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) or a dual-fuel vehicle. Flexi fuel vehicles may also be called flex-fuel as well. The Flexi fuel vehicles that you are seeing on American roads are designed to run on ethanol (a type of alcohol), gasoline or any mixture of both. Cars made previously to 1980 can not tolerate any ethanol at all. The ethanol played havoc with those cars rubber seals, aluminum and other components of those car models. Cars made after 1980 onwards could tolerate and run on gasohol – a 10 % mixture of ethanol mixed with 90 % ethanol.

What makes Flexfuel cars different is that they can run on gasoline or ethanol alcohol gasoline percentages up to 85 % ethanol. That combination of 85 % ethanol with alcohol is commercially sold and referred to as E85 fuel. No damage of any kind is done to cars certified with the Flexfuel certification when they run ethanol / gasoline combinations or straight gasoline. Further the owner can switch back and forth without skipping a beat. .

Flexi fuel cars have been used for a number of years in Brazil. Since the 1980’s and the energy crisis Brazil built up a substantial ethanol industry in tandem with its sugar cane production. As a result of Flex-fuel automobiles Brazil has substantially reduced its dependence on costly foreign imported oil. In the United States we take foreign currency for granted. American dollars a standard in the world. Everyone wants American dollars. However I most of the world foreign currency is a country’s most precious commodity. Without foreign currency – be it dollars , Japanese Yen or The European Union’s Euro a county can not buy essential items to improve their economy and feed their people – whether it be factory tools , tractors, computers or the money to send their students abroad to learn new procedures to improve their society. As a result of Flexi-fuel gas / ethanol cars Brazil has reduced its dependency on foreign imported oil and saved much precious foreign currencies.

Motorists choose their type and grade of fuel depending on availability or cost or a combination of all the above. Gasoline can be used by Flex-fuel cars. So can 10 % Gasohol. . Ethanol / Gasoline fuels can be used all the way up to 85 % ethanol mixed with 15 % gasoline.

There are some disadvantages to Flex-fuel though. Because the Flexi-fuel engine has to be all things to all kinds of fuel the Flex-fuel vehicle may not be as fuel efficient as a regular gasoline single fuel engine. Secondly ethanol’s higher volatility means that ethanol mixed with gasoline may actually increase smog which is not a good idea in large urban areas or in areas such as California which rely on a large amount of vehicles with much driving in an automobile culture.

However there are often tax advantages and credits both directly for using ethanol based fuels both for the motorist and the car manufactures in their fleets.

There are currently more than an estimated 4 million flexible-fuel vehicles currently being operated on American roads. Most of the owner’s of these vehicles have no idea of the capabilities of their engines to accept ethanol based fuels. In the last number of years many cars had the term Flexi-fuel without even the dealer never mind car owners even knowing what the term meant. Less expensive ethanol based fuels are not readily available throughout America. Time and the price and availability of gasoline at the pump for American motorists will change their preferences for Ethanol and Flexi-fuel.

Canadian Vehicle Prices Still Higher Than In The United States

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It has been generally well known that Canadians, for the most part, pay more for their cars than Americans.
Of course, right? After all, USA is home to some of the largest car companies in the world. The cost of importing all those cars into Canada from the USA must account for the price differences between American and Canadian cars, right?

Not exactly. The North American free trade agreement states that any car manufactured within North America can be imported or exported between North American countries free of duty.

In recent years Canadians have been importing record numbers of vehicles from the U.S.A. into Canada. While the exchange rate between the Canadian and American dollar has not had Canadians at such a great advantage in years, there are yet many other reasons why Canadians are flocking south of the border to make their next car purchase.

In a recent comparison between American and Canadian vehicle prices, it was found that Canadians are paying almost 20% more than Americans are for their new vehicles. That means most Canadians are currently paying about $5000-$6000 more, on average, than their neighbors to the south.

Car manufacturers justify their pricing with the argument that they are making up for lost dollars in the Canadian market, or that their pricing is simply set to what consumers have grown to accept. Seems pretty fair, companies should be allowed to set their pricing at a competitive rate, regardless of what is considered ‘competitive’. So are Canadians fated to pay high prices for new vehicles?

“Canadian consumers have to pay whatever the car manufacturers tell them to pay” says Kyle Jackson, author of ‘ImportCarToCanada!’, an information website for Canadians who are looking to import a vehicle from the U.S.A. “Their perception is that they don’t have the choice – a lot of Canadians are being ripped off and pushed around by rich car companies, and the worst part is, most Canadians don’t even know it!”.

ImportCartoCanada! helps Canadians with just about every aspect of importing cars into Canada from the U.S.A. Everything from step by step instructions, to money saving tips, and even hosts a community of other Canadians who talk about their own experiences importing vehicles.

“Why should a Canadian pay $52,000 for a brand new BMW 331i, when he could drive across the border and pick up the exact same car brand new for almost $12,000 less?” says Jackson. “I wanted to make a site where Canadians could quickly realize that they don’t have to pay all the high prices they see on cars, they just need to do a little research.”

Mr. Jackson’s site may give Canadians all the answers they need about importing cars from the United States to save money, but what about car prices in Canada, will they be like this forever? “Like any market, the Canadian car market will take time to adjust. These changes happen, just not overnight.”

Until the market does change, Canadians will be paying higher car prices than Americans, or like many others, getting informed, and taking a trip to an American dealership to save themselves some money.

Ford And GM Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars first came to be through Japanese and European car makers.
US auto manufacturers only begun their own versions of these fuel-efficient models in the 1990s, after the US government sought the help of American car makers Ford, GM (General Motors) and DaimlerChrysler in the creation of a new hybrid car model that its best fit with the American way of life and budget.

Ford was reportedly the first US car maker to bring in a model hybrid car into the industry, coming at a very competitive time since about six Japanese companies were unveiling their own hybrid versions during the time. Ford’s first hybrid car saw its first baby come out in September 2004, via the Escape SUV Hybrid model.

Ford Hybrid Cars

Ford had been expected to release its first hybrid car in 2003, which runs on both electric motor and fuel. As mentioned earlier, its first entry was the Ford Escape in 2004, which boasted of emitting less than a pound of smog substances for every 15,000 miles the vehicle runs. This is a great improvement considering that traditional light trucks emit around 105 pounds of smog pollutants for the same 15,000-mile distance. Even regular cars produce 67 pounds!

Ford had no trouble selling the Escape hybrid model because it was designed as an SUV, which most American consumers prefer. And because Ford’s hybrid cars work the same as regular SUVs, they carry a greater consumerist appeal, compared to the Japanese hybrid cars which look rather compact and tiny.

GM’s Hybrid Cars

General Motors’ first hybrid vehicles were the Silverado and the Sierra, both of which were released also in 2004. From then on, sales of both hybrid models sold almost effortlessly, with GM’s production volumes rising to 2,000 in 2005 and expanding a lot further this year to accommodate a much wider national clientele. GM expects to roll out 3,000 units each for Sierra and Silverado before the year ends.

A new hybrid GM car will also be introduced this year — the Saturn VUE, and the company is also preparing to launch the new hybrid version of the Chevrolet Malibu in 2006.

To date, it still cannot be said that American hybrid car manufacturers like Ford and GM have already come up to par with their European and Japanese counterparts. However, it is safe to say that they are trying and, so far, the results have been satisfactory. Ford and GM are definitely on their way to becoming US powerhouses in the hybrid car industry.

Of course, when we talk about price, it’s a different story. Since hybrid cars are not so prevalent as traditional ones just yet, they do come with quite a hefty price tag. It is only hoped that over the course of time and as interests shift toward a more environmentally-friendly world, hybrid cars will become more of a norm than a novelty. There is so much to gain with the birth of hybrid cars. It is good to know that America already has one foot in the door.

All The Secrets Of American Car Auctions

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This article will discuss the American car auction, offering tips, advice, insights, and other things we have learnt during our experiences at car auctions.

First of all, when you have found your desired car auction, obviously it will be an American car auction, so it will be a car auction based in one of the areas in America. You will have a test drive period, during this phase, which we like to call the first phase of the auction, you will be invited to test drive the cars what are currently being auctioned.

We suggest that if you are interested in bidding on one of the cars on show, now is the opportunity to find out what the car is really like. You will be invited to drive any of the care, once you have chosen the car you wish to drive, assuming you have your driving licence, head on to the office or reception; there is normally a main place at each car auction to get the car keys.

During the american car auction, you will likely be giving ticket numbers if you are bidding and then you will be seated. After this phase, you will then watch the cars that are available for auction come through. This is probably one of the best phases in the auction, you get to sit back and watch the cars come through, and however, they will be driven through one at a time.

Bidding on the cars at the American car auction

This is hen the auctioneer will start, “ so who is going to start the bidding cycle, starting bid of $800, any bids, from here, people will place a bid, if they do not, the auctioneer will gown a hundred or so. Until there is a balance between the right price and people being interested the auctioneer will work with this o best of his/her ability.

Winning the car or cars

Once you have won the car, you will be given a ticket number, you will also likely have a ticket from being a bidder; present both of these to the main reception. You will then be offered a method of payment. The full balance for the car will be due the next in full amount. Most people pay by visa or credit card for the car they have won, they are then given the keys and are allowed to take the car away with them that day. You will be responsible for your own insurance however on each car you win.

History Of Honda

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Honda is the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world, with more than 14 million engines built each year; Honda has established a name for itself in the automobile industry.
Known for its immensely popular bikes, the Honda CBR is one of the most popular sports bikes in history. However Honda has not just restricted its market to bikes alone, today Honda has an impressive collection of cars, SUVs and trucks to its name, and the Honda Accord is perhaps one of the most popular cars in its class today. This article will discuss the various models of Honda cars and SUVs and their history.

Honda Cars

The first car that established Honda in America and the UK was the Civic, the 1974 Civic was an ideal blend of power and looks, and was an instant success with American and British car owners. The problem with the Civic was that although it was fuel efficient and had looks, it was still not big enough for the average American and British car owner. However, what clinched the deal for the Civic was that they actually modified their engine to meet US emission laws, whereas other cars now required a catalytic converter the Honda Civics’ engine was already compliant with American and European emission laws.

By 1976, Honda launched the Accord that was bigger than the Civic and sported a powerful engine, and compared to other mid-sized cars it was far more fuel efficient. Just like the Civic the Honda was an instant success and Honda became the first ever Japanese automobile company to establish a manufacturing plant in the US in the year was 1982. Today nearly 30 years later the Civic and the Accord are one of the most popular cars from the stables of Honda. In addition to the Civic and Accord, Honda also has its own luxury segment cars, and one of the most popular luxury cars is the Honda Acura.

Apart from manufacturing quality cars, Honda has made a name for itself in the market by coming up with innovations like improved VTECH engines, and the first car with 4 wheel drive was also from Honda (the Honda Prelude). Today Honda has a firm hold on the American and UK market, and more and more people are buying Honda cars for their fuel efficiency and environmental friendly emissions.

Honda SUVs

The first ever SUV launched by Honda was the Isuzu built Passport, the Honda passport was not immediately successful but with the introduction of other SUVs like the Acura and CR-V, Honda has now made its presence felt in the SUV market. The biggest advantage that Honda SUVs has over other SUVs is their engine, Honda engines are known for being powerful yet fuel efficient at the same time.

Today Honda has a definite presence in the automobile industry and more and more automobile owners have started buying Honda Cars and SUVs. If you are looking for a car that is powerful yet at the same time fuel efficient, then a look at a catalogue of Honda products is a must.

Increasing Your Chances Of Discovering Cheap Automobile Insurance With These Methods

Insuring your car can be a complex and frustrating matter. There are a lot of complicated alternatives and scenarios to consider that you really require some guidance in finding the ideal protection for your automobile and your requirements. Read on for some wonderful ideas on ways to set about browsing your means with the red tape and documents and finding the very best automobile insurance coverage for you!

When insuring a teen motorist, save cash on your car insurance by designating only one of your household’s cars as the car your daughter or son will drive. This will certainly conserve you from paying the increase for each one of your automobiles, and the expense of your vehicle insurance will certainly rise only by a percentage.

When you are handling automobile insurance coverage you must constantly look for ways to decrease your premium so that you can always get the best price. A lot of insurance coverage companies will reduce your rate if you are someone that drives less the 7500 miles in a year. If you can, attempt taking mass transit to work and even vehicle pooling. You can show mileage proof and a lot of other stats by use of trackers for cars.

Your teen driver’s insurance will cost you far more than yours for a while, however if they took any formalized driving instruction, be sure to discuss it when searching for a quote or including them to your policy. Price cuts are often available for driving direction, however you can get even bigger discount rates if your teen took a defensive driving course or other specialized driving guideline course.

Saving cash on auto insurance coverage does not have to be a difficult thing, especially if you are faithful to the very same business. Many policies are just for a regard to around a year, so see to it you re-up with the exact same company. If you reveal commitment to the insurance provider, you will certainly be rewarded with lower monthly premium payments.

Don’t allow inferior parts to be utilized to repair your automobile, and it will certainly last longer. Some insurance companies might send you to a service center that does not necessarily have your automobile’s best interests in mind. Make sure that they use parts directly from the maker to make sure a best fit and that they satisfy federal security requirements.

Drive smart and safe to keep your auto insurance cheap. A clean driving record makes a huge difference in the premiums insurance coverage companies will certainly charge you.

Having an expensive vehicle or vehicle that is considered a cars will certainly commonly increase the cost one pays for auto insurance. If one does not like the noise of that then they must consider getting a different kind of automobile. It will not just conserve them insurance cash but frequently money off the car itself.

If you are serious about saving cash on car insurance coverage, think about downsizing the variety of automobiles you make use of. If your household can get by on only one car, you will conserve a substantial quantity of money. Not just will you pay less for your insurance plan, however you’ll likewise see cost savings in your month-to-month automobile upkeep expenses.

Make a comprehensive list of the price cuts that the insurance company provides, then tick off all the ones that you get. You may very well be amazed that by asserting price cuts there is a great deal of money to be saved.

how to buy a car Increasing Your Chances Of Discovering Cheap Automobile Insurance With These Methods

If you are a men and women who has had car insurance coverage for years but never ever had an accident then an insurance company who offers disappearing deductibles may be best for you. If you are not entering mishaps then you need to be rewarded, and this type of program offers you a reward.

It should truly go without saying, but you must never leave a mishap unreported to your insurance coverage company. If another victim in the mishap makes an insurance coverage claim or a police report is submitted, the possibilities that your insurance coverage company will certainly catch wind of it rise tremendously. While a mishap you report may raise your premiums, an unreported one certainly will – and by far more.

Get a new car to conserve cash on automobile insurance coverage. The car you drive makes a lot of distinction to an auto insurance company. If your car is one that gets taken frequently, look out for higher rates. If you buy a stylish coupe that goes very fast and gets lots of tickets, expect to pay much higher insurance coverage premiums. Take a look at websites such as for lists of the least expensive cars for automobile insurance.

Make certain to contact lots of different insurance companies for quotes. Have them explain the precise protection that you will get for the cost, in this manner you will certainly be able to compare apples to apples. By comparing costs like this you can save yourself quite a bit of cash, because different companies have different rating systems and they can offer remarkably differing prices.

Smart motorists repeat the insurance comparison-shopping procedure frequently (checking every 6 months is perfect) to ensure that they do not miss the opportunity to change to a better insurance coverage business. Insurance plan and special deals alter all the time. A quick price check takes little time and the potential benefits can be huge.

One excellent car insurance coverage pointer is to obtain uninsured driver protection. This is the very best way to protect your family versus motorists who are either underinsured or totally uninsured. You cannot manage whether people take the danger of driving uninsured, but you can regulate whether or not your family members are secured from them.

Hopefully this article has actually offered you with some useful tips you can take into the procedure of getting car insurance and triumph. With so many variables and kinds of protection, it’s a marvel any of us ever discover ourselves the ideal insurance, but with a little examining and the valuable suggestions you have actually read here, you can get the best cover at the best price.

When you are dealing with automobile insurance coverage you need to always attempt to discover means to reduce your premium so that you can constantly get the best rate. Having a costly vehicle or automobile that is considered a sports car will frequently enhance the price one pays for car insurance. If another sufferer in the accident makes an insurance claim or a cops report is filed, the possibilities that your insurance business will certainly catch wind of it rise greatly. Get a new car to conserve money on car insurance coverage. Smart drivers repeat the insurance coverage comparison-shopping process frequently (inspecting every six months is ideal) to make sure that they do not miss the opportunity to switch to a much better insurance coverage company.

Need Some Pointers For Purchasing An Automobile Smartly?

Everyone has to purchase or sell a car sometime, and this can be a stressful time for lots of. It is difficult to comprehend exactly what the best automobile costs are, the best arrangement tactics and the amount of choices that are available to you. This post has remarkable guidance from specialists that can give you a better automobile shopping experience.

Be ready to walk away from the car dealership if you aren’t making progress. If they know that you are willing to walk away, they will certainly be more most likely to accept your offer or to counter-offer with a more reasonable price.

Have a spending plan in mind prior to you go automobile shopping. This includes assessing your regular monthly earnings and bills, and having a clear understanding of just how much you can truly manage to contribute to those. Doing this will certainly help you to stay in budget when you make your new vehicle purchase.

When you know just how much you need to invest, learn about the vehicles within that variety. Find out about the car itself, its miles per gallon, number of doors, trunk area, motorist’s evaluations, safety record and how often it needs repair works on average. Appoint each a score and choose those at the top of the list.

Always take any used automobile you are thinking of purchasing to a mechanic that you trust. They might have just had the car for a few days or purchased it from an auction.

If you are absolutely in love with a certain color or interior finish, don’t settle for less. The certain automobile that you really want may not be in stock at your regional dealership, ask them if they can get it for you. The majority of dealerships have relationships with other dealers and will trade automobiles backward and forward. Remember though, you may end up paying a little bit extra to cover a few of the costs of the trade.

Take a seat and compose a list of what you want in an automobile. There should be a separation between things you need and things you desire. If you find an automobile that satisfies all of your requirements, you ought to not hesitate because it does not have every single thing that you driving Need Some Pointers For Purchasing An Automobile Smartly?

Talk with loved ones about who they bought their car from. Their guidance should help steer you in the ideal direction. You can trust exactly what they say as they are likely to be watching out for your benefits, which makes their recommendations much more reliable than that which you discover on the web.

The seller is trying to optimize revenues. Try not to get pulled into the additional fees that they can charge.

If you have flexibility, try to await a promotion with low interest. If you are really patient, you could even have the ability to find absolutely no interest durations. This will certainly make the total price you pay for your car be substantially less than you planed to pay. Keep an eye out for local car dealerships running this.

Your very first offer must be at or very close to the invoice price of the automobile. This likely be rejected, however will certainly start the settlement procedure in your favor. At some point, the sales representative will likely march to talk to a manager. When they return, if the cost is within your cost range, accept. If not, continue arrangements. If you have not reached a contract within 2 or 3 tries, it may be time to cut your losses and try another dealership.

Be responsible when purchasing a used car. Even if all the statistics on the brand name and model you are buying are excellent, you do not know how the car was preserved.

Do you want to purchase new or used? There are particular circumstances that may make it better for you to purchase brand-new, however if your budget does not permit for it, there are wonderful secondhand deals. Find out about guarantees and rebates on both brand-new and utilized prior to you begin going shopping.

If you’re trying to secure a car loan, do not automatically accept the rate that a person is telling you. Some dealerships will certainly try to offer you a various rate simply to see if you bear down and take their offer.

When trading in your automobile for a brand-new automobile, find out how much it is worth before going to the dealer. Have evidence from NADA and Kelly Blue Book about how much your car is worth and do not accept less.

It is difficult to discover the vehicle you really want at a great price. If you have some exceptional expertise when going into a dealership, you are much more likely to be successful. You can utilize these tips when automobile shopping. You may be surprised to learn what sort of offers you will get.

Always take any used car you are thinking of purchasing to a mechanic that you trust. Speak to enjoyed ones about who they bought their car from. Be liable when purchasing a used car. Even if all the data on the brand and model you are purchasing are excellent, you do not understand how the vehicle was kept. When trading in your automobile for a brand-new car, find out how much it is worth prior to going to the dealer.

American Auto Bargains Review – Good Or Bad?

American Auto Bargains Review – Good Or Bad?

After hearing about it on TV, I decided to look into and write this American Auto Bargains review. Is it really possible to find quality, new model cars at 10 percent of Kelly Blue Book value? In this brief review I will answer this question, as well as several others you may have, pertaining to American Auto Bargains. Hopefully, after reading about my experience with the company, you will have a good idea whether or not it is something you should look into on your own.

Recently, I purchased a vehicle for 10 percent less than the Kelly Blue Book suggested it was worth. Honestly, I thought I was getting a great deal on a good car. Of course, that was before I found out that American Auto Bargains can help you buy a car for up to 90 percent off. Suddenly, my great deal wasn’t so good any more.

Here’s how American Auto Bargains works: first, government agencies like the DEA and FBI (as well as local groups) and lending companies seize cars. For whatever reason, the cars are removed from their owners and put up for auction. From luxury to economy, there are auctions in every county. The cars have clean titles and many have low mileage, too.

American Auto Bargains is your guide to finding these auctions. By joining as a member, you get immediate access to their massive database and can get started finding local auctions right away. Bids start as low as $100, and it goes without saying you can save thousands of dollars on each purchase.

American Auto Bargains is the best place to go to find the auctions that will save you a ridiculous amount of money on your next vehicle purchase. I highly recommend joining the service, they do all of the auction hunting for you, while you sit back and reap the rewards!

The Allure of Vintage Ford Cars

Ford vehicles have always been synonymous with American pride and tradition. One of the biggest vehicle manufacturers today, the Ford brand is known all over the world and has been attached with a tag of durability and quality. These are the same qualities it has preserved through the years and more than a century after the brand had been unveiled, a number of its cars from its early and mid productions still ply American streets, if not, vintage car shows.

Ford has contributed a big chunk in the numerous innovations in the automotive industry. Its greatest contribution is the moving assembly line, which allowed vehicles to be produced at a much faster rate. This allowed the price of the vehicles to be reduced, this more people could afford to have their own vehicles.

This doesn’t mean though that Ford just churned out one car after another leaving quality behind. On the contrary, because they were able to produce vehicles at a fast rate, they were able to concentrate fully on their research and development which allowed them to come up with high standard vehicles.

This high quality has allowed a number of their cars from the post second world war era to still be street worthy today. Vintage Ford cars have numerous clamor from Ford loyalists and although a full functioning and new-like condition is next to impossible to find, many still invest their time, money and efforts in restoring them.

Some of the more popular vintage cars by Ford produced in the fifties and the sixties where the Fairlane, Thunderbird, Falcon, Galaxie, Torino, LTD and of course, the Mustang. Many of these make and models were reminiscent of the muscle cars that dominated the American auto industry and market in that era. Big powerful engines and loud roaring were typical of these muscle cars and they were distinctively American.

It is the Ford Mustang though that has captured a lot of imagination from then American teenagers and saw it as a powerful and sexy vehicle that they must have. There were even many Hollywood films that used the Mustang in their movies which glamorized it further, because hey, if Hollywood says that the Mustang is hot, who are we to contradict it.

Owning and maintaining vintage Ford cars, like the Mustang, today will entail some expense. This is because vintage Ford parts may be hard to come by. For some vehicles, the parts may be easier to find because of the vast number of their production. Because of this, parts may be lifted from the other cars with the same make and model and they can be used to restore other cars.

This though is time consuming as you still need to go to junk yards. For an easier time, you may just scour the internet for these parts. Just make sure that you get the right ones.

You can never go wrong with vintage Ford cars. They are an American tradition and they can give you that certain distinction that makes people turn their heads to look at the cars. As an owner of a fully restored vintage Ford car, this will surely make you proud.

Up until today, Ford still continues to bring out sleek, powerful and sexy vehicles reminiscent of its past and its commitment to exceptional engineering is what makes their customers loyal to them. What we may consider new now, may soon be regarded as vintage Ford cars in the future.